How to create a mid level 99designs account in 3 days

How to create a mid level 99designs account is not difficult if you focus on your character design and understand in detail that I explain below, this post is my personal experience and I complete the relevant source from the site

Mid Level Designers have built enough trust in the community at to enter the contest indefinitely and participate in the higher prize category. to create a mid level 99designs account must have strong characters in creating designs, Mid Level designers will usually move away from generic designs if they do not want to be Entry Level designers back. below is the illustration design of bathi 99designs account.

Although has regularly reviewed accounts, also open opportunity every year to entry level designer make a Mid Level designers which interested in leveling up to Level Up.

What is the status of Mid Level designer?

Mid Level Designers show average understanding on top of designer criteria, they have gone through several stages in creating unique and amazing designs. there are some steps that can be studied in detail if you want to increase the Entry Level designer into a Mid Level designer.

  • Implementation of Design Principles

How well you are in executing typography design, visual hierarchy, composition and color in the design you have created. This step includes displaying the complete and professional profile of your best work.

  • Conceptual Thinking

How well you develop creative concepts that can effectively solve client’s business needs, avoid common designs, avoid copying other designers and follow 99designs stock policies.

  • Technical Skills and Outcome

How well you organize and produce industry standard files and deliverables to clients. some clients need some kind of file required for their business, for example using a format of a certain size to be used on the site or facebook cover

Communication and Client Satisfaction

How professionally you communicate with clients to provide good service, maintain positive responsive scores, successfully complete handover and projects, gain positive client reviews, develop repeat clients, and adhere to our Designer Code of Conduct.

2 advantages of being a Mid Level Designers

the advantage of being a Mid Level Designers is that you will get Access to all contest packages except Platinum and Access to unlimited contest submissions.

All finalists in the Gold contest are paid 15% of the total prize. and for Winners in the Gold contest paid either the first prize + 15% of the total prize.

Mid level 99designs account in 3 days

I have proven it myself, very easy to create mid level 99designs account in a relatively short time, 99designs team always observe new designers, I was a designer in logomyway, then I tried to create an account at 99designs and participate in design logo contest, first I send 1 design in one contest, then the next day I send 1 design to one contest, and on the 3rd day in the morning around 6 pm, I get email from 99designs, congratulations you become a mid level designer.

15% of prize for gold contest

And the most amazing of the mid level 99designs account is, you will get 15% when you lose in the final round, if in the final there are 5 designers and 1 designer to be the winner of the contest, then 15% of the prize will be shared to the 4 remaining designers, and it would be very beneficial if the chosen in the final round only 2 people left, you will get 15% of the prize and only divided by 2 people only.


  • Hi i want i ask some questions i am every day playing contest and i am already have 5 star and 9 reviews and Experience
    Contests won
    Runner up
    1-to-1 Projects
    Repeat clients

    but why my level not increase ?
    can you help me please

    • I think 99designs take time to review your design as a whole, and you need to try a unique and not generic design, because 99designs don’t judge the number of designs you have…

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