Technology Logo for programming evolution Software

Technology logo for programming evolution

The ‘darwin’ logo above is a developing logo on Industry
Technology with hexagon shape which as a whole is a very modern design, with the Monogram concept and combines the difference in thickness in several parts so that it can make the design effect on the logo look more stylish.

called Darwin because this is “evolution” programming. AI that writes software for you. It’s like a black box where the idea of ​​getting in and out comes from working software.

And the logo ‘darwin’ by Daniel Be. targeted to an audience consisting of programmers and managers / designers who are a bit technical.

Daniel Be. who won the logo received a prize of $ 190 from 99designs, and the logo design contest was opened by blane.townsend.

Style Attributes

Modern 70%
Mature 90%
Sophisticated 90%
Luxurious 85%
Geometric 80%
Abstract 80%

From the beginning it has been explained by the contest winners about the points that must be done before making a logo design, the logo must be simple but has a strong message, futuristic design will be extraordinary because it is a company that developed in the future of programming.

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