5 unique Monogram logos for real estate – Classic version part 1

1. Meaningful, self-explanatory, innovative logo for JIP, the logo design besides is a Real Estate & Mortgage logo that is formed from 3 square fields that overlap and as a whole are geometric designs.

The logo that will be used for industries that are engaged in Real Estate & Mortgage has a very strong orange dominant color with HTML # fe2324 code and fades to bright orange with HTML code # f99d18, the logo designer is KisaDesign
Style Attributes
Modern 90%
Sophisticated 70%

2. The second unique Real Estate logo by Arthean

the logo above is a logo developed from the letters A and R that form a building similar to an apartment.

the design of the Arthean logo is dominated by strong gray and using the classic font type with the font name is times new romance, for the software used by designers is CorelDRAW.

the way to make a logo design besides is to make an outline or monogram design first and then change the size of the outline to be bigger, after that convert it into a vector using CTRL + SHIFT + Q, after becoming a vector, the design is reshaped to form a logo

3. Edgy re-branding of home staging design company

The name to be included in the logo is Reveal Home Staging, the logo with a very unique design follows is the logo design that has been won by Shaka88 with a total prize of $ 190.

Contest holders create logos to sell home staging services and designs for real estate agents, flippers, investors, builders and homeowners in Houston, TX.

designers must be smart to read and understand the design briefs that have been given by the contest holders, in the following logos it is clearly seen that there are dominant feminine colors such as pink and I have also read the design briefs added by the contest holders there are feminine colors like pink and purple, so it’s necessary to make the overall logo design more feminine (using fonts and layout) and shaka88 as a logo designer is right.
Style Attributes
Mature 80%
Feminine 90%
Sophisticated 70%
Luxurious 70%
Abstract 70%

4. Name to incorporate in the Treehouse logo

Treehouse Apartments is an industry that thrives on the largest field of Retail real estate and requires a very good logo, contest holders also put up a huge logo designer prize, $ 600 for designers who are able to break into number one , and the contest was won by Kodoijijo at entry # 81.

named it Treehouse because buildings were built around trees and many of them sat in tree canopies. All units have a very large balcony.

The logo design is dominated by green fel with HTML code # 354537 and RGB 53, 69, 55. designers only use mono color

5. Name to incorporate in the logo is Nest Copenhagen

Nest Copenhagen is a co-living space for entrepenuers.
The vision of Nest Copenhagen is to create an environment full of happiness in an open and supportive environment among people who want to create something, change something – a place they can call home, relax and have fun.

Community & Non-Profit that develops in the real estate sector requires a unique and memorable logo, the following logos are made by extrafin, the design was not chosen as the winner of the contest launched by Peterthansen at the Nest Copenhagen logo logo, but financelogo.com chose to be included in 5 unique Monogram logos for real estate because in my opinion the design by Extrafin is very impressive.


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