Physical fitness logo design for Wildcat supplements

The physical fitness logo design for Wildcat supplements is a very strong and passionate logo with a blood red color, the company engaged in the fitness center has been won by Dexterous “at the entry # 222.

I got a picture of a beautiful logo from the logo contest at Lunch by Eukora Health with the title ‘Logo design for Wildcat Supplements’ contest and there were a number of important points added to the design brief before Eukora Health got entry # 222.

Background information about the logo

The design logo for Wildcat Supplements must be clean and simple with a grunge tone and a white background.

Logo needs to be high contrast and use a stroke the same color, but not separated too much.

It needs to include the following features:

1. The silhouette of a wild cat’s head (cougar, puma, tiger etc)
2. Paint splats to give a hardcore fast paced look
3. The word WILDCAT in a hardcore grunge but modern fonts with clean lines
4. No more than three shades of gray with one primary color (red) for the moment

Style Attributes
Modern 90%
80% youthful
Masculine 90%
Luxurious 80%
Geometric 70%
Literal 70%

And from some points that have been given to the design brief by Eukora Health as the contest holder, finally the contest holder chooses entry # 222 as a winner and is entitled to a $ 400 prize

For the colors in the entry logo # 222 use the HTML # 7c0106 color code in dark red and # de0108 for pink, and for the software used to create the logo are Adobe Illustrator CC and Adobe Photoshop CC for the finishing process.

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