20 types of feminine fonts that are often used to make logo designs

there are millions of fonts created, but there are some fonts that are very popular and are often used to create logo designs, I try to share a little of my experience when making logo designs. especially ways to determine the type of feminine font or masculine, then modern or classic, when making a logo design.

making a logo design must be able to determine exactly what type of font to use. there are a lot of companies that are developing out there. and you must really understand the characteristics of the logo design that you will create by determining the target audience, the target audience of the company is male or female, then young or old. you have to really understand it

by understanding the characteristics of the company as a whole, you can choose the right type of font to use to create a logo design, and here are

20 types of feminine fonts that are often used to create logo designs, and can be for your inspiration.

1. Blair ITC TT

2. Code Pro LC

3. Chalet

4. Futura Bk BT

5. Geometr 415 Lt BT

6. Gulim

7. Geometric Hurme Sans 3

8. Maven Pro Light 300

9. Novecento sans wide Book

10. Opificio

11. Avantgarde Bk BT (Normal)

12. Capone Light

13. Century Gothic

14. Comfortaa

15. Calibri Light

16. Dotum

17. Futura Lt BT

18. Jenna Sue (Script)

19. Charline (Script)

20. Charilla (Script)

Making a logo design must be perfect and precise, because the logo is a symbol of a company, people will get to know a company just by looking at the logo of the company

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