17 warm RGB colors that are often used to design logos – CorelDRAW

color is one of the important parts in a logo design, color describes the character of the entire logo design itself, there are several types of warm colors that are often used when making logo designs, I have used the following types of warm RGB colors and it turns out that many clients happy and give positive feedback about color selection, so you have to master the warm RGB colors that I mentioned below.

I use CorelDRAW software and some of the colors below are a collection of warm RGB colors that are in the CorelDRAW menu, but if you are using Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop, you can add the colors I mentioned below with the additional color menu in each software. or copy the HTML code that I added and put it on the browser.

Here are 17 warm RGB colors and HTML code that are often used to design logos – CorelDRAW

1. sea green # 33cc99
2. the green martian # 99cc33
3. sky blue # 00ccff
4. Majestic purple # 9933cc
5. deep rose # cc3399
6. deep pink # ff6699
7. tropical pink # ff6666
8. peach # ff9966
9. deep yellow # ffcc00
10. pale purple # cc99cc
11. soft pink # ff9999
12. moon green # ccff66
13. sand # ffcc99
14. ghost green #ccffcc
15. hot pink # ff3399
16. spring green # 33cc33
17. light green # 33cc66

You can use the HTML code that I added above to change the color of the website theme, and make it easier to search in the browser.

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