3 important points in making media kits for clients to be more professional

example of a professional media kit

Media kit is one of the most important parts of a business, by making a good and correct media kit that will make our business more professional and easily recognized by the client, there are millions of examples of media kits on several design sites. and we can get ideas from the site.

there are a number of things that need to be considered in making a media kit, here are some things you should pay attention to.

1. Layout

in making media kits must be good and correct in determining the layout, media kits will be more professional and easily understood by the client when making a layout in the design of the media kit as a whole.

for example for the display of media kits intended for women aged 20-50 years, then you have to make the layout of the media kit design more feminine, you can make a line design with a soft touch with some feminine accents such as flowers, or make lines thinner.

Different if the media kit design is addressed to men, then the layout design of the media kit must be firm and thick, the layout must be strong and not seem feminine.

2. Font selection

making the appearance of media kits more professional can be improved by using the right type of font, many millions of fonts that we can use, but it should be noted in the use of fonts for media kits, we must be able to distinguish between classic, modern, feminine or masculine fonts.

a small example in font selection is to distinguish between serif fonts and san serif fonts, serif fonts are usually used for more classic types of designs, while sans serif fonts are usually used to create more modern designs.

3. Color selection

color is one of the most important parts of a visual design, color can give a picture of life, color can show passion and emotion, there is a yellow color that shows excitement, there is a white color that shows liver hygiene and innocence, there is a green color that shows back to nature, pink is more feminine. and that needs to be learned about our target audience, before making a media kit.

there are several types of colors that show modern or classic direction, for example for dark colors such as black, dark brown and dark green. some of the following colors show colors that move in the classical direction. while for some colors that move towards the modern are bright colors, for example light green, light blue, turquoise, orange, yellow.

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