We Should Know About Meaning And Psychology Of A Color For A Logo Desig

It is not easy to make the meaning logo. Before create the logos, you should know the meaning and psychology of a color for a logo design as below:

1. The Meaning Of Red

It is the representation of drama and passion. It has strong characters emotions such as anger and love. In universal definition, red is danger, power, strength, and courage. Red has the representation of proseperity and luck in the Chinese culture meaning.

2. The Meaning Of Orange

It is the represantation of encouragement. This color can stimulate the people to has enthusiasm, warmth, excitement, socialize, joy and happines. However, it also has the negative connotations, for example self indulgence, exhibitionism and insincerity.

3. The Meaning Of Yellow

It is the representation of optimism. In the application of life, yellow is fresh energy, youthful, confidence and sucessful. However, yellow has the negative representation such as cowardice and over-critical because too confidence or too worried is not good for us.

4. The Meaning Of Pink

It is the representation of sensivity.  On the detail explanation, pink is serenity, tranquility or calm and feminity. Those the reason why that pink is the main representation of woman. In negative connotation, pink is overly optimistic and unrealistic.

5. The Meaning Of Blue

It is the representation of trust. A color from the shade of sea and sky that represented calm, peace, serenity, loyalty, responsibilty, and integrity. Sometimes, blue can suppress the appetite because we can not blue that is associated in nature and many foods.

6. The Meaning Of Green

It is the representation of growth and health. It also can be assosiated as the refreshing peaceful life. Many people think that green is environment nature color. It can be solved way after you watch the blood or scare view. In the negative connotation, green is possesive and materialistic.

7. The Meaning Of Violet

It is the representation of spirituality. In the reflection of this color, violet is representing of self awareness. Violet has the definition from the luxurious or qualities. However, it also has the negative connotations such as arrogance and irritability.

8. The Meaning Of Brown

It is the representation of earth. In the detailed description, brown is simple, natural, dull, reliable, safety, quiet and confidence and warm. A little people like this colors. Probably, brown is unsophisticated color but if this color is combined with the other colors, the colors will be elegant.

9. The Meaning Of Grey

It is the representation of compromise. It has the unique character such as unemotional to avoid the attention. Many people think that grey is representing of gloom, frustation, sadness or depression. However, grey has the positive connotation such as practical, reliable, protection, mature and still elegant among meaning and psychology of a color for a logo design above.

10. The Meaning Of Black

It is the representation of mystery. It has negative and scary definition such as evil, death, lack of hope, failed and pessimism. Perhaps, you think that black is the negative colors among meaning and psychology of a color for a logo design above. Actually, black is sexy, sophisticated, secretive and formal. It can helpful to the other colors. In fact, Black is become strong and still elegant if it combined with anything kinds of the other colors. All colors need black to be stand out.

Finally, we know about meaning and psychology of a color for a logo design. All the colors has the meaning in our life. We should think postive about the colors because it can influence our suggestion.

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