10 great school logo graphic design ideas & inspiration

I painstakingly searched for 10 great school logo graphic design ideas & inspiration from a number of designer profiles on the 99design site, by looking at some of their great works, you can determine a school logo that can make your school more recognizable to the community.

A logo is an identity, and identity is the most important part, with a good identity, company or school will be easily recognized. and here are 10 great school logos graphic design ideas & inspiration.

1. unique logo for Little Kingdom Nursery by AnnOnDesign

Little Kingdom Nursery is the name of the school mentioned by the contest holder and Little Kingdom Nursery is a kindergarten for babies up to 4 years of age, then for the target audience is for parents and children.

Little Kingdom Nursery is one of the schools for children, so the school logo must be made in accordance with the nuances of the children, the logo must be fun and interesting for everyone involved in children’s education, for short specifications in brief are as follows

Industry: education

Color requirements: Bright and pleasant colors

Style Attribute: Cheerful 90%

2. School logo by Chris Kay

School logo by Chris KayThe name to be included in the logo is Little Attic and the slogan used below is STEM Play. the description of the school is a class program that provides STEM as a curriculum based on ideas to educate students in four specialized disciplines such as science, technology, engineering and mathematics in an interdisciplinary and applied approach.

in the school students are guided to use everyday materials and apply the STEM concept to design and build solutions. because it still relates to the child the logo must look cheerful and fun. The following is a brief specification of the School logo that has been won by Chris Kay at the logo design contest on the 99designs website.

Logo name: Little Attic

Slogan: STEM Play

Industry: education

Color requirements: red, gray, green

Style Attribute: young 100%, cheerful 100%, economical 80%, abstract 80%

3. a modern school Logo by Cope_HMC

is one of the attractive junior high schools & secondary schools in New York City. The Smith School creates a family-like atmosphere, progressive and alternative. so it requires a warm and strong logo design to give a different impression from other schools in the New York City area.

Many students in Smith School excel in the arts. so besides the logo design that is warm and strong in graphics, the logo must be a cheerful nuance. here is a brief specification of the Logo School for the Smith School

logo name: Smith School

Industry: Education

Color requirements: Aquas

Style Attribute: classic 80%, adult 70%, sophisticated and luxurious 60%

4. Arizona Empower Academy by JK Graphix

The Arizona Empower Academy is one of the education in Arizona that applies a pleasant school environment, such as several schools in other countries, creating a pleasant and warm school atmosphere is the most important part, so to introduce Arizona Empower Academy to the public must be able to have a school logo can describe the Arizona Empower Academy as a warm and pleasant school,

the contest holder asked the designer to make a logo design with the concept of an owl, owls have a smart and broad-minded meaning because the owl’s head can rotate backward, it illustrates that we also have to be able to see around us, our environment, and have a broad perspective The following is a specification of the school logo requested by the contest holder with aaoyouth account name and the logo has been won by JK Graphix

Logo name: Arizona Empower Academy

Slogan: Realize Optimize Apply Reach

Industry: Education

Colors to explore: red pastel, black and gray

Attribute Style: classic 85%, masculine 75%, luxury 75%

5. Boston Outdoor School by E · the · re · al “

Boston Outdoor School is one school that learns the hard skills of survival in the forest. Boston Outdoor School is one type of education that is unique to adults and not for children, so it requires a school logo design that is stronger and not as cheerful as some of the logos I have described above.

can describe the outdor environment, forests, valleys and mountains. Boston Outdoor School has the following design specifications

Name of logo: BOS

Slogan: Boston Outdoor School

Colors to explore: green, blue, dark gray, black

Style Attribute: Mature 70%, Female 90%, Advanced 90%

I have posted 5 great school graphic design ideas & inspiration, by looking at the logo above, you who work as a logo designer can understand in detail the request of the contest holder, and those who need a school logo are also expected to get ideas from my post above.

for 5 great school graphic design ideas & inspiration logos to be posted again this week, I’m sorry for just posting 5 great school logos graphic design ideas & inspiration

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