Here! 15 Best Logo Makers & Generators

The world of business and trade industry is growing very rapidly, there are many service providers both online and offline, all of these industries cannot be separated from the role of Logo. A logo is an identity for an industry, someone will recognize a trademark just by looking at the logo used.

I am a logo designer, and I see many sites that provide logo creation services, such as the 99designs site, logomyway, logotournament, crouwdspring, designcontest and many other sites. although there are a lot of website design services, there has never been a decrease in demand in making logo designs, because there are very many logos for the service and trade industries in the world, especially in the Americas and Europe.

I tried giving a review of several design sites for designers who want to join as designers at several logo-making sites, or some company owners who want to design logos, there are some recommendations from me, and here are 15 Best Logo Makers & Generators

Don’t worry to create the logo because we have 15 best logo maker & generators. That logo maker as the following:

1. Squarespace

It is the kind of business logo maker in an online system. If you want to create your online website, this application is the best for you. It provides customized logos. If you want to use high resolution, you can download and pay $10. If you want free, it’s oke, you can free download with regular resolution.

2. Logaster

It provides variations kinds of the logo that can be taken by you automatically. You can download it free if you want to make a small sized logo.

3. Logo Maker

It has served more than three million small business owners and entrepreneurs to create logo maker and generators. You can free download it and choose the template that it more than 10.000 icons.

4. Design Hill

It is free for the logo generators. You can browse thousands of icons and customize your color and texts. Please make sure that the free tools are well including QR code generators, social media and etc.

5. Zillion Design

This is a simple application but it has some kinds of design logo that can be chosen. You can enter your company name and selecting your colors and fonts. That template is very unique.

6. Logotype Maker

Among  15 Best FREE Logo Makers & Generators, this application has the complete types. It provides 200 fonts, more than 1.000 professional templates and 600.000 overly. You also can export the file into 300 dpi as a PNG or JPG file.

7. hatchful.shopify

It is appropriate for someone who wants to build an online business. It is suitable for creating a free business name generator and logo maker.

8. Designmantic

You can choose the colors, type, font and logo style to choose and make the preferred logo. You can choose the business name and 30 industries categories overly with entering your name first.

9. Online Logo Maker

You can create a logo with easy and fast within this application. You can choose from the pre-designed symbol from hundreds of categories then you can upload your own image.

10. Ucraft

It offering some web templates because this application is a website builder or free cloud hosting. It also free logo maker. You can choose icons, customizing your color and fonts, icons and business name.

11. LogoMakr

It’s very easy to create the design with this application because you also drag the template, text, size and the colors to make the logo perfectly.

12. Graphic Springs

It offers a variety of logo templates for multiple icon themes. You can make it with start the symbol and shapes.

13. Free Logo Design

You can make cost-free logo easy with this application. It offers 20 different kinds of categories within the thousands of logo templates. You can choose it free.

14. Free Logo Services

It also offers thousands of templates that can be saved in the cloud. You can choose the industry first and enter the text-based on your own idea. There are many icons, initial, badge or text-based logos with your favorite font style.

15. Canva

It has some kinds of logo options and free templates. It also can be used for your blog, website, social media images, invitations, business cards, and flyers. in my opinion, canva sites are very easy to use to design logos, cartoonama, or brochure designs, on the canva site besides making logo design, thousands of templates have been provided to design brochures, some can be used for free and there are premium templates, you are free choose

please provide your comments if there are other opinions about the content above, I will post again about some other logo design service sites, because I know there are still a lot of logo design services in the world, so my information, hopefully useful for those who are looking for services making logos or looking for sites to sell logos, please note that also accepts the design of logos and cartoonama at low prices, not up to $ 100. thank you

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