My monthly income on the 99designs site

I am a logo and business card designer, I focus on two design categories, there are many contests at 99design that are opened every day. and thousands of dollars we are ready to earn for our income if we can be ranked first in the contest.

there are website design contests, brochure design contests, apps and icon design contests, book cover contests, brand identity contests, flayer design contests, landing page design contests and much more. and my monthly income on the 99designs site remains focused on the design of logos and business cards

I chose to focus on logo and business card design contests because I like to design logos and business cards, I want to master and professional in certain fields, I don’t want to learn many things but the results are not optimal. in addition, to design logos and business cards faster in the handover process, not much feedback is given such as the design of brand identities with so many parts, for example having to make letterhead, business cards etc.

my monthly income on the 99designs site always increases from year to year, because I always learn to understand thoroughly about the design of logos and business cards, so that I can make the design of logos and business cards better day by day. I really enjoyed my job as a logo and business card designer.

in 2012 when I started joining the 99design site, my income in the month was only $ 200, I was only able to win 1 contest from so many contests, then from year to year until now in 2019, still I can win 5 to 10 contests in one month, and I was able to earn revenue from the 99designs site around $ 2500.

My way of making a logo design

I always design logos every day, because on the 99design sites no less than 70 contests are opened for guaranteed logo design contests, I often choose contests that are guaranteed, because the excess of the guaranteed logo design contest is when the contest closes, we will still get distribution a lot of funds if we submit a lot of designs in several contests, you can see the picture of my income below from the distribution of logo design contest funds that are closed.

Making a design doesn’t have to be online, when I go offline I also produce a lot of logo designs that are needed today, for this year the logo usually has a simple and minimalist concept, different when I started making designs in 2012, many 3D logo designs dominate, but for illustration designs it remains consistent from year to year.

avoid generic design and breaking

My main key to earning up to $ 2500 a month is by always avoiding generic designs and breaking the rules set by the 99design site, I usually submit designs when time is over, I make design logos that are more fluid than others. , because approaching the same design with the earlier entry will make the design that I submit be considered copying from the earlier design entry.

I always send unique designs and out of the box, but I still focus on the design brief that has been attached by the contest holder, so it doesn’t come out of the message message requested from the contest holder.

As for my review of my income from the 99design site in a month, if you are interested in working together to create a logo design or business card project, please contact me on this site, I have attached a design portfolio to the footer section of, thank you

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