20+ gaming Logos for your Esports team inspiration

The development of the gaming world is growing very fast, many game manufacturers from China, Korea, America and Europe compete to issue the latest game games to attract consumers and get many benefits from the world of games, one of which is what is currently in great demand is esports games,

there is a difference between gaming and esports

Esports game is electronic sport, is one game that is usually done in teams, there is actually a difference between esports and gaming. in my opinion for esports is one of the game play activities that is more towards playing strategy and for the profession, even on the 2018 asian games yesterday in Indonesia there was an esports category for the sports that were contested. but for gaming more on an activity that has a purpose for entertainment and not for the profession. but both cannot be separated, because esports is part of playing games.

How to make a gaming logo

You can try gaming logos in a number of ways, you can create a gaming logo using the Android mobile application, use Adobe Photoshop software, CorelDraw software or order a gaming logo maker service on several graphic design service providers such as 99designs.com, Fiverr or can order directly to me, please just contact me in the contact section of my site.

In this post, on this page, I try to provide 20+ gaming logos for your esports team inspiration, by looking at the shape and model of the gaming logo, hopefully you can choose and determine the logo model that you can use for your esports team.

Hydra gaming logo by by Modal Tampang

The logo created by the logo designer and illustration with the name Dribbble Modal Tampang, the hydra gaming logo posted since Feb 26, 2019 and has been viewed 1,461 times and has gotten 122 likes

The Hydra gaming logo is a picture of a dragon with 3 heads with green shades that light up, the logo is made with CorelDraw and finihing software by using Adobe Photoshop. for backgroud using dark blue shades.

Red Foxes gaming logo by Modal Tampang

Red Foxes is a gaming logo that can be used for the esports team logo, the Red Foxes logo is dominated by orange light and a blend of purple and pink. since uploaded on the dribbble site on Oct 31, 2018. The Red Foxes gaming logo has gotten 4,516 views and 221 likes.

Red Foxes gaming logo by Modal Tampang made with CorelDraw and Adobe Photoshop software, designers use CorelDraw software to create vector designs, then finish using Adobe Photoshop software.

Alligator logo by Modal Tampang

Alligator logo is one example of a gaming logo made with CorelDraw software and finishing using Adobe Photoshop, Alligator logo is a gaming logo with a mascot design concept with crocodile characters, crocodiles are predatory animals that mean they are ready to beat their opponents, for the symbol of the ESports team is right .

The Alligator logo is posted on the dribbble site since Oct. 13, 2018 and has gotten 2,394 views and 122 likes.

Winstrike team logo by Dlanid

Winstrike esports team logo design. Designed for bbbro studio. on the Winstrike team logo there are several main colors that make the logo design look very strong for an esports team, for example dark blue that has a philosophy of calm, and that philosophy is perfect for a gamer who is in an esports team, a good esports team must have calmness. then there are burgundy and white colors.

Winstrike team logo is a mascot logo with a rocket character that shot very fast in space.

Golden Knights Logo by Derrick Stratton

Golden Knights Logo by Derrick Stratton is a logo with the concept of a logo mascot or gaming logo with a very strong character of King Arthur, King Arthur is a very famous British leader legendary. The Golden Knights Logo uses several main colors such as red and yellow, red has a philosophy of courage and yellow has a cheerful philosophy, the Golden Knights Logo is very appropriate to use for the esports logo because it has a good philosophy for an Esports team.

The font used by the Golden Knights Logo is a custom font, and background uses a dark brown color with gradations of color, to make brown color can use a mixture of red and yellow. the software used to create the logo can use CorelDraw or adobe illustrator, the Golden Knights Logo by Derrick Stratton was first uploaded on the dribbble site on Jan 23, 2019, and has gotten 948 views and 68 likes

Derrick Stratton is a great designer who makes many esports game logo designs and mascot logos with various characters.

Synotic eSports Logo by Derrick Stratton

when I saw Synotik eSports Logo by Derrick Stratton, I immediately fell in love, so I tried reviewing this very beautiful logo, Synotik eSports Logo by Derrick Stratton was first uploaded on the dribbble site on Mar 29, 2019, and has received 502 views and 64 likes,

Synotik eSports Logo by Derrick Stratton has a dark blue and bright blue color that dominates the overall logo design, the characters used in the design of the Derrick logo are characters from a Japanese ninja carrying a sword ready to attack. in my opinion, for the philosophy of the logo is to give a feel of courage and be ready to attack for esports teams who use Synotik eSports Logo by Derrick Stratton

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