30+ Horse racing Logo designs

The reason I reported about 30+ Horse racing Logo designs because horse racing sports are very popular in the world today, many riding lovers are willing to watch horse racing competitions directly when there is a horse racing competition and are willing to pay for entry tickets at a high cost,

at the 2012 Olympics in London England, the Saudi Arabian team pocketed 14 points. The gold medal was won by the United Kingdom team and the silver medal belonged to the Netherlands in a race at Greenwich Park, London.

on this page, I try to review in full about 30+ Horse Racing Logo designs that you might be able to use for inspiration in creating a Horse Racing Logo on your company.

Race horse farm Logo design by DIX LIX MIX

The logo was made for a racehorse breeding company and a horse racing team under the name of the company İLYAS ÇOKAY HARALARI, the company sold horses produced from farms and raced several of them.

for Racehorse, farm Logo design by DIX LIX MIX has a classic concept with mono colors and vintage line art/illustrations. and the following is the design brief specifications attached by the contest holder

Style Attributes: Classic 70%, Mature 70%, Luxurious 90%

The Cowboy Trail Rides logo by pmo

The organization description and target audience regarding the logo by PMO is a horse riding company that provides a trail of travel in the Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area 15 minutes outside Las Vegas with the company name is the Cowboy Trail Rides. Although this logo is not about horse racing, the overall layout and logo design can inspire you to create and determine the horse racing logo. the Cowboy Trail Rides logo specifications are as follows

Industry: Travel & Hotels
Attribute Style: classic 50%, masculine 50%

Cap De View Ranch Logo Design by Painted Pony Studios

Description of the organization and its target audience about the facilities of riding horses in a beautiful mountain setting. Cap De View Ranch Logo design represents the logo that contains horses Not horse racing, but in my opinion, it can be for your inspiration to create logo designs related to horse racing.

Contest owners at Cap De View Ranch Logo design provide a brief design, contest holders want a design that is vintage/retro nuances, for example, the leadership of a horse head is part of the mountain range (center) with a river that blends into the mountain range OR with the mainland.

then for Fonts (Cap De View Ranch: not too western/masculine/ feminine. Location: Bend OR all-hats are also added established 2013 or Est. 2013).

Horses’ n Motion Magna Wave PEMF Therapy Logo designs by Painted Pony Studios

“Painted Pony Studios” is a logo designer account that focuses on making logo designs related to horses, not a few logo designs from various categories have been created and used by large companies in the world, for example for companies engaged in racing horses, horse farms, horse racing nurseries and many more.

And for the Horses’ n Motion logo design is a logo that moves in the field of pulsed electro-magnetic frequency therapy using coils to penetrate the body deeply at the cellular level. The logo has a horse character running right and fast like a racing horse. Complete specifications of logo design are as follows

Other color requirements: lues: Knowledge, trust, calm, and honesty.
Mild neutral: Purity, balance, and sophistication.
Dark Neutral: Formality, mystery, exclusivity, and luxury.

Style Attributes: Sophisticated 85%, Luxurious 70%, Abstract 90%

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