How to breed Koi Galaxy Betta fish

Betta fish is a fish that has a million colors, in Asia there are many betta fish farmers with good quality, some countries that breed betta fish are Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia.

there are a lot of cross breeding that produces several new colors. like nemo galaxy multicolor and koi galaxy multicolor. The picture below is a Koi Galaxy with full body color.

how to breed Koi Galaxy betta fish

for Betta Koi Galaxy breeding fish have to go through several steps correctly if you don’t want to fail, here are some steps that must be done

  1. first is to choose a good betta koi galaxy hen fish, good betta koi hen fish is a strong genetic, to get a strong genetic is not easy, must go through genetic testing, so for a good broodstock the price is more expensive, if you have get a good broodstock, the next step can try to breed 3 pairs of betta fish koi galaxy

why should more than 1 pair?

to breed betta fish must be more than 1 pair because usually of 3 pairs of betta fish that will be breeded there is a failure at the time of breeding

  1. prepare a breeding place, breeding places can use a basin, bucket or other place that is not too small and not too wide, best with a diameter of 30cm and height 15-20cm
  2. fill the basin or bucket with clean water with a medium water level (not too full and not too low) and mix a little salt in the fish and the most important is the catappa leaves.

why should you use catappa leaves?

catappa leaves function to neutralize the PH of the water, can make fish more comfortable when breeding. sediment water that has been mixed with fish salt and catappa leaves for 24 hours, you can add transparent plastic in the water to place betta fish eggs. The picture below is a place for raising betta fish.

  1. Enter 1 pair of Koi Galaxy Betta fish broodstock on each bucket that has been given water and catappa leaves, then cover the bucket or basin with any paper or cover and try to breed betta fish to be calm and not noisy.
  2. breeding process lasts for 2-3 days, in 2-3 days betta fish do not be seen continuously, it can interfere with the breeding process of fish, can be fed 1 time a day by careful without opening the bucket lid.

Betta fish do not lay eggs for 4 days which means it fails in breeding, betta fish eggs are white and not transparent, usually the eggs will be in the froth that is made by betta fish male.

  1. If it has been seen 2-3 days the fish have spawned, female broodstock must be removed, it is better to see the fish lay eggs or not is at night, because for betta fish at night is not active as during the daytime, scaly fish usually will be inactive when the sun has set. at night is a good time to raise female broodstock.

wait for the betta fish to take care of the baby betta fish until the baby betta fish can be seen floating and swimming alone, for the baby betta fish takes 2-3 days, must be given food for male betta fish when the betta fish merwat baby fish, feed the male betta fish with silk worms, do not feed mosquito larvae, mosquito larvae movements can damage and disturb the calm of males when caring for baby betta fish.

for the next stage breeding of betta koi galaxy fish can be read in my next post, about how to transfer the betta fish to the rearing place

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