some betta fish tanks to inspire sellers, breeders and hobbies

Betta fish are fish that have a million colors and several types that make people become interested in raising betta fish, I will explain briefly about betta fish and some tanks that can be used and are efficient for raising betta fish.

Betta fish when adults cannot live together in one tank, Betta fish will fight and that will make Betta fish tails become torn and injured, when Betta fish are 3.5 months old, Betta fish must be separated and placed in a tank for one fish and given a bulkhead, the function of the bulkhead in each tank is to reduce the activity in betta fish. look at the picture below.

below are some male betta fish that have been placed in a tank with a capacity of one tank for 1 betta fish.

there are some betta fish tanks that can be used for your favorite betta fish, I try to give examples of some tanks for betta fish that might be used for your inspiration

plastic jars

plastic jars, betta fish tank with plastic material / jars. The jar used for Betta fish is very clear and the jar is very suitable for those of you who have lots of Betta fish, because by using the jar it will be easier to care and safe (anti-shatter), usually for Betta fish tank type jar is widely used by the seller or Betta fish breeder, in my country Indonesia uses a lot of jars, and I also use jars. there are several sizes that can be used to raise betta fish

solitary glass

solitary glass, the second alternative can use solitary glass, for solitary glass the excess is clearer and clearer, but for large quantities it will be more expensive if you use solitary glass, you can use solitary glass of the size to your liking, for shortcomings of solitary glass is heavier and less safe, solitary glass will break if dropped or collided with hard objects

acrylic material

acrylic material, betta fish tank can also use acrylic material, acrylic material is lighter and clearer when compared to plastic jars for memeilhara betta fish, but for the shortcomings of betta fish tank made from acrylic is expensive, so it is not suitable for use by the seller or betta fish breeders.


Buckets, betta fish tanks, hereinafter are buckets with plastic material, for betta fish tanks with buckets usually used by betta fish breeders, buckets are usually used when enlarging betta fish or when mating.

sterofoam box

sterofoam box, for betta fish tank with sterofoam material usually used by breeders at the time of enlargement of betta fish, sterofoam material is easy to obtain and the price is cheap, for sterofoam boxes we can get the remaining fruit or fish shipping boxes, used boxes will be cheaper.

I am a betta fish farmer from Indonesia, there are many types of betta fish plaque with various trademarks such as betta fish types of koi galaxy, marble, fccp, mustard gas, super red, nemo galaxy multicolor. please comment in the comments section if you are interested in seeing some of the fish collections that I have, thank you so much 🙂

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