How to make a Betta fish rearing place

in my previous post which has discussed about how to mate betta fish completely, and in this post I will discuss about how to properly care for and raising betta fish.

healthy and quality betta fish will produce healthy and quality betta fish baby too, so it must be right in choosing betta fish broodstock. besides having to be precise in choosing fish broodstock, and the most important thing is to prepare a place for rearing betta fish well, there are several stages in making a rearing place for betta fish.

how to make a betta fish rearing place

banana leaves, choose banana leaves that are old but not too dry, banana leaves are used to make the enlargement more comfortable for baby betta fish, banana leaves are mixed in the water which later. and the picture below is a place for rearing betta fish at my farm in Indonesia.

Betta fish rearing place with banana leaves

water, the water used is clean water that has been given a little fish salt (salt that does not contain iodine), mix salt and water, the function of salt is to prevent the emergence of fungi that can cause disease in fish.

Catappa leaves, catappa leaves are used to neutralize the PH of water and can also absorb toxins in water, treat fish and many other benefits of catappa leaves.

Mix all the ingredients and leave it for 1 week, after being left for 1 week then the water at the enlargement will appear small organisms that are very very small and very difficult to see.

And according to my observations, for baby food betta fish aged 1 week after being placed in an enlargement place is sufficient with small organisms that exist in the rearing of fish produced from banana leaves and ketapang leaves.

Do you have to expand the betta fish?

for the enlargement of betta fish must be wider, because with an enlargement of betta fish that will affect the growth of fish in it, in addition to feed for baby fish that is given regularly, a good place for enlargement can affect fish growth more quickly.

when can betta fish be harvested?

Betta fish can be harvested from the age of 3-4 months, if the fish in the age of 4 months are still small in size and do not grow optimally, it can be caused by irregular feed, giving the correct fish feed when it begins to be moved at the rearing place is 3 times a day. feed is given in the morning, afternoon and evening before night and for the evening betta fish must rest and no activity.

Betta fish that have been harvested from the rearing will enter the quarantine again in a smaller place like on a jar or on a glass solitary and fill in 1 fish for 1 place, this step is to accelerate the fish to mutate, mutate the fish into types of nemo galaxy, koi galaxy, nemo multicolor, bluerim, avatar, gordon can be accelerated by using water that has been added with concentrated catappa leaves extract.

I think enough information from me about how to prepare for the enlargement of betta fish, see you in my next post, for information on ordering betta fish, you can just leave it in the comments column, and I will reply to your comments.

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