Silkworms are very good for betta fish for 4 weeks of age

Betta fish food for 4 weeks of age is easier, because baby betta fish already have a larger size, with a larger size betta fish will be easier to eat silkworms, different when baby betta fish is 1 week old, betta fish with 1 week of age must eat with very small and delicate foods such as artemia or egg yolks.

The main food for baby betta fish aged 4 weeks is silkworms because silkworms contain a lot of fat and high protein, so it is very good for fish growth. below is a silkworm

a silkworm

silkworms multiply in small streams with mud drained by organic material wastewater, at my place in Indonesia I usually look for in small streams that flow with water to remove tofu dregs, chicken manure, and cow dung.

ways for silkworms to live longer

to make silkworms can survive longer can use a filter or aerator, try that water is always flowed with water and always clean and contains high oxygen. below is an example filter that I use to make silkworms last longer.


How to separate silkworms from mud

to separate the silkworms from the mud can be done by using a bottle of drinking water in pairs, put silkworms on the bottle and then close for 3 hours, after 3 hours the silkworms will rise and be ready to be lifted.

how to feed silk worms

betta fish 4 weeks old are usually already large and to provide food when the age is very appropriate to accelerate the growth of betta fish, and feeding is very influential on the growth of betta fish, betta fish can be fed 3 times a day and should not be fed when the sun already goes down. give food in the morning 1 hour before sunrise if the time in Indonesia is 5 in the morning.

after the morning is given food, then for lunch can be given more food when entering at 11 noon, and the last is the afternoon, in the afternoon should be given food at 1 hour before sunset, around 5 pm.

feeding baby betta fish to become an adult betta fish is very influential, so don’t be late in feeding if you want betta fish to mature quickly and be ready to be sold or go up to the solitary glass.

thus information about the right betta fish feed when betta fish enter the age of 4 weeks.

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